About Us

Since our establishment, our philosophy has been to deal with our customers as partners and not simply as customers. The success of the solutions and applications we offer to our partners means the prosperity and development of our business, which reflects the success and growth of our business as well.

This has been our philosophy since our inception and, despite a humble beginning, DigitalNet has grown beyond our expectations within a time span of 20 years. And today with the rapid development of information and communication systems, we believe that providing quality solutions requires specialized companies that differ radically from others operating in this sector now. Our vision is related to the culture of the region. And we understand the real needs of local individuals and institutions, as well as their varying requirements when it comes to communication devices.

Hence, we believe that our next mission is to protect the concept of partnership, by focusing on the capabilities of our existing human resources, extensive experience to analyze problems facing individuals and institutions in the technology and digital era, and accordingly propose best and right solutions.


In the early 1990s, a group of Syrian businessmen working in the United Arab Emirates, together with a group of IT specialists, set up Computek IT in the field of digital technologies. Its main objective was to present a distinct case to the many competing companies in this sector.

Most of the existing companies were alien to the region and their culture, and our big bet was that the ability to grow was linked to the thorough understanding of the needs of our customers, based on the proper communication with them.

We started our business in the distribution of computer parts, and components. We have been working to provide exceptional after sales service, in addition to the selection of high-quality products at competitive prices. And we made sure to achieve constant communication with different customers to meet all their technical and commercial requirements and solve any problem they may face. Thus, Computec differ from most other companies operating in this country.

Due to the great success achieved by the company from the beginning and its founders being Syrian citizens, Computec IT Syria was established as a branch of its parent company in the UAE. Given the commercial risks resulting from the small size of the Syrian market at the time and the lack of technical awareness among consumers, the decision to launch an IT firm in Syria was not solely based on commercial considerations.

Continuity and development

By virtue of its great success and ability to build a well-established network of partners and distributors in a wide geographical area, the company has been able to attract increasing capital. The company also design, manufacture and market its own products that are characterized by quality and suitability for local consumer needs. Today, more than 20 years after its establishment, Computec IT Group has been awarded regional contracts for representation, distribution or partnership with many major manufacturers or solution providers in this field.

Group companies

Computec IT Syria

Located in the Free Zone of Damascus, Computec  IT Syria distributes various types of digital equipment, components through a vast network of associates in all governorates of the country. The company also owns central warehouses and a fleet of service vehicles, in addition to a specialized maintenance center with an area of 350 square meters. This center is accredited by a group of international companies, which train the engineers and technicians working under them and grant them with high-level international certificates.

Digital Net Syria

In the Syrian Arab Republic, a group of distinguished professionals launched Digital Net Syria to meet all the IT requirements of the consumers and solve their communication problems at the most affordable cost. Besides, the company also offers an outstanding after-sales services in the showrooms in Al-Mazza, Autostrad, for all the loyal customers of Digital Net.


We always strive to be one of the largest groups operating in the region with various branches associated with IT equipment, software, communication, and media. We also endeavor to develop our advanced capabilities in implementing and servicing integrated solutions for small and medium enterprises. And we always train our team to strengthen our competitiveness. We believe that the digital age creates a challenging scenario, in which the market dominance can only be achieved through the integration of advanced technology and innovative concepts.