Features :Heavy Duty Charger :- Portable High output 4.8A charger to provide the safest maximum rech..

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  • Brand: PROMATE
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  • Features :
    Heavy Duty Charger :
    - Portable High output 4.8A charger to provide the safest maximum recharge rate for all USB powered devices with a dedicated output of up to 2.4A per USB . 
    - It is made from high-quality materials while providing impressive charging speeds for your mobile devices .
    Ultra-Fast USB Charging Ports :
    - Provide the safest maximum recharge rate for all USB powered devices with a dedicated output of up to 2.4A and dual USB port delivers up to 1.2A output current for each of two channels. Delivers a charging output of 2.4A enough power to quickly charge any USB device with ease .
    - This portable USB charger, it has the ability to handle a wide range of inputs .
    Built-in USB Type-C Durable Power Cord :
    - This adapter comes equipped with a 100cm USB Type-C™ cable, thus providing you with the freedom to use your device further away from the socket. Ultra-compact with a foldable plug and equipped with international voltage compatibility . 
    - The built-in USB Type-C™ power cord that allows you to charge your Type-C™ enable devices without the hassle of carrying around an extra cable .
    Charge 4 Devices SImultaneously :
    - Simultaneously charge all your devices with the simple switch of a power point. Use your existing USB charge/sync cable for charging . 
    - It is a fast charger for Samsung, iPads, iPhones, Android tablet, smartphone or any other USB compatible device simultaneously . 
    Cable Organizer :
    - This compact charger includes a fold-out plug and flexible cable storage to easily eliminate clutter and simply wrap the cord around when not in use .
    - The foldable prongs allow you to tuck the cable in your bag .
    Travel Ready :
    - Compact size for easy portability and international voltage compatibility (AC 100-240V) makes it the ideal travel companion . 
    - This travel adapter is the safest way to plug in your portable, non-grounded devices around the world .
    Compact, Lightweight and Portable :
    - Foldable prong allows compact storage, lightweight, and portable design makes it the perfect accessory when you are on the go . 
    - Increase your convenience and comfort by having this at multiple locations like home or office to make charging easy and convenient . 
    - You can charge wherever you want .
    Safe & Reliable :
    - Extremely safe & dependable, Tornado-3LT features Over-current, over-voltage and short-circuit protection .
    - It protects the devices from any short circuit and overloading .
    Heat-Resistant :
    - Made of fireproof ABS plastic with high melting and heating points, protecting your connected devices .
    Smart Current Detection :
    - Smart current detection which enables swift & safe charging, it intelligently detects the charging needs of connected devices and automatically delivers the output needed for complete efficiency .
    - With support for 2.4A output, the maximum charging needs for the most popular phones and tablets are met with zero limitations .
  • General :
    - Input Voltage : AC 100-240V .
    - Output Voltage : 5V .
    - Output : Type-C Cable: 1A; USB Ports: 4.8A .
    - Input Interface : Wall Socket .
    - Output Interface : Type-C Cable, 3 USB Ports .
    - Cable Length : 100cm .
  • Color :
    - White .

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