Features :20,000mAh Power Boost :- The Promate Titan-20C features an absolutely colossal 20,000mAh c..

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  • Brand: PROMATE
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  • Warranty in Days:90
  • Features :
    20,000mAh Power Boost :
    - The Promate Titan-20C features an absolutely colossal 20,000mAh capacity, adding several full charges' worth of battery power to your smartphone or massively boosting the available charge available on any tablet or USB device . 
    - When your USB powered devices are running low, just connect them to the Promate Titan-20C Power Bank via your own charging cable for quick and easy replenishment .
    Universal USB Charging Output for Great Compatibility :
    - Charge a variety of USB devices with the Kit: Premium Universal Power Bank .
    - Featuring a universal USB charging port, simply insert any of your USB charging cables to recharge your devices - benefiting from the 20000mAh of additional battery capacity that it provides .
    Automatic Voltage Regulation :
    - Promate Titan-20C features Smart Charging Circuitry to provide your Device with the optimum amount of power for a quick but safe charge .
    LED Status Indicator :
    - Titan-20C sports 4 LED light indicators which show the battery level of the Promate portable battery pack . 
    - This is perfect when you need to know when to recharge the pack and also helps to plan your movements .
    Auto Shut-Off Mode to Protect Your Devices :
    - The Promate Titan-10C power bank features intelligent built-in protection software that guards against short-circuiting, over-charging, and over-discharging . 
    - The portable charger keeps your devices safe at all times, allowing you to relax while they charge .
  • General :
    - Battery Capacity : 20000mAh .
    - Battery Type : Li-Polymer .
    - Input : Micro-USB: 5V, 2A / USB-C: 5V, 3A .
    - Output 5V, 3.1A : USB-1: 5V, 2A / USB-C: 5V, 3.1A .
    - Charging Time : 12 Hours .
  • Color :
    - White .

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