Features :Super Bright LED Lights :- Say goodbye to old fashion solar lights! Equipped with the newe..

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  • Features :
    Super Bright LED Lights :
    - Say goodbye to old fashion solar lights! Equipped with the newest appearance and 30 high power LEDs, much brighter than other 60 LED solar lights in the market, solar light up to 8-10 hours of continuous lighting with a single full charge .
    - When the security light is called upon, 30 powerful LEDs illuminate the local area with white light .
    Motion Sensor & Wide Lighting Range :
    - The solar lights are equipped with upgraded dual sensor technology provides an extra wide motion sensing range of up to 5 meters with a 120-degree Wide sensing angle .
    - Never worry about no detection .
    Solar Powered Rechargeable Battery :
    - Light and heat travel 93 million miles to be absorbed and converted into stored energy by the advanced solar panel technology onboard .
    - You don't need to use the light in the day, and the 'dusk 'til dawn' sensor will ensure the lamp won't activate in daylight anyway, so it's good news that this time is not wasted, rather spent recharging the integrated 1200mAh battery .
    Energy Saving Solar Lights Outdoor :
    - Promate motion sensor solar lights outdoor, no wiring necessary and no need extra electrical power, just put it under the sunlight to absorb solar energy, harnesses the energy of the sun to light your night .
    Charge All Day, Shine All Night :
    - The beauty of having solar powered recharging is that it's not only very, very energy efficient and good for the environment, it also means you have a full battery charge to use every night, and this charge can provide all the power needed .
    Water Resistance :
    - SolarWay-3 is water resistant which makes it a perfect solar light fix for your garden, patio, doorway, driveway, or any area wished to be lit .
  • General :
    - Battery Capacity : 1200mAh .
    - Battery Type : Lithium-Ion .
    - Input : 5V, 120mA .
    - Usage Time : 1-1.5 Hours .
    - LED Brightness : 200 Lumens .
    - Charging Time : 8-10 Hours .
  • Color :
    - Black .

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